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The Company started operations in Uganda in 1996 after taking over the operations of Gestetner. The Company quickly moved to a position of dominance in certain key areas such as Digital Duplicating machines and today is arguably the market leader in providing the Education Sector with such machines. Along with that, the company built a strong base of photocopier customers.

Later the Company became associated with the lucrative currency handling business and today a majority of the Banks in Uganda are our customers and use a variety of our machines ranging from Value Counters, Coin Counters, Currency Sorters, Coin Wrappers and a whole lot more.

As Copy Cat in Kenya transitioned into the IT area, in Uganda too we followed the same. Growth was slow initially in the 2000’s as Copy Cat Uganda continued to strengthen its foothold in OA and OE.

In recent years there has been a dramatic surge in the IT business as Copy Cat brought its regional expertise to Uganda and the discerning customer was able to get 1st class services. Our mainstay was Cisco whereby we are a Gold Partner and HP.

Slowly, we have increased our solution offering and are now associated with various other partners such as EMC, Symantec, NetApp and other such and are engaged with a wide variety of customers.


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