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                                                            Managed Services


At Copy Cat, we recognize the challenge our customers face while maintaining disparate Network, IT Infra and Application Environments which is why we offer an ever expanding range of outsource options (IT managed services), leveraging the very latest technology to give customers business advantage at an affordable cost.


Our Packaged Managed Services offering gives our customer a chance to handpick the relevant areas or the pain areas for transformation first to Managed Services model and then gradually moving towards the full managed services model.


































Our comprehensive suite of Managed Services offerings allows customers to focus on their core business, while relying on Copy Cat as their single point of accountability for Network and IT infrastructure. We deliver best-in-class performance and security, and all of our offerings are designed to meet rigorous compliance standards. You’ll work with qualified engineers and service pros to develop, deliver and maintain your ideal managed solution.

Copy Cat is capable of delivering your entire IT on “As-A-Managed-Services” model and improve efficiencies across all IT operations, drive deeper integration with business processes and systems, bring differentiated value to your users and customers and eliminate costs associated with redundant service systems and infrastructure investments.

Copy Cat’s Managed Service Portfolio

Some of our Customers in this region include – Kenya Airways, Renaissance Capital, African Development Bank, Mayfair Bank

Contact us to learn more about our how our portfolio of Managed Services can work for you.

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