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Copy Cat Group 30th Birthday Celebrations

After many weeks of planning, the big day had finally arrived. The mood and ambiance was of both anxiety and excitement, the latter being that we were marking 30 years of operation and the former that the event would be a success. The rains earlier on in the day had caused butterflies in the stomachs of the organizing committee’s members as to whether the event will go down well.

Anyway, everything was set and all was falling into place as planned. The mood finally eased up when the first bunch of customers started arriving at the venue before time.

The guests were well taken care of from the parking area where they were ferried by our vehicles to the venue. They were then welcomed by ladies dressed as pussy cats and our own staff who were don in suits and bow ties for the gents and elegant dresses for the beautiful ladies.

Guests were taken through a custom built gallery cocktail area where they could experience the history of Copycat with visuals of old adverts, projects through the years, see what Copycat provides now and what the future holds. The dinner was coupled with a futuristic set up - all LED branding and LED dance entertainment.

The event was graced by the cabinet secretary (ICT), Mr. Joe Mucheru, who gave a very powerful speech recognizing Copy Cat for the great contribution in the ICT sector. Keynote speakers from Copy Cat were our Group Chairman, Mr. Nazir Noordin, our COO, Mr. Mike Holtham and Sarah Kabira, Head of Innovation. Our Group chairman shared Copy Cat’s journey from inception marking important milestones such as the acquisition of BMTL in 1994 and the paradigm shift from only offering Office automation solutions to becoming a fully-fledged ICT solutions provider. He also mentioned how we have been embracing information technology in our business lines and our key partnerships that help us to provide our customers with the best solutions in the market. In addition, Mr. Nazir said that the guiding principle on which this organization was founded to offer quality solutions and first class support has not diminished in the last 30 years and he reassured the guests that it will not in the next 30 years to come. He also recognized the diligent efforts by all staff in their roles that make Copy Cat what it is today. Our Group Chairman went on further this time round surprising all by announcing Mr. Vishal Patel’s new position as the new Group Managing Director, a position that he held till that evening.

The speeches ended by a toast to the 30 years Copy Cat has been in the business and also as a mark of the new position Copy Cat has taken in the market space and the new values that will drive the organization forward as the catalyst for the future.

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