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Copy Cat 'rows' to support cancer patients

As part of our CSR activities, we are in support of Faraja Cancer Support Trust whose main aim is to provide emotional, practical and healing support to anyone affected by cancer. Faraja offer cancer patients and their care-givers information, advice, counseling and complementary therapies in order to make their cancer journey a little more manageable.

Faraja has been organizing for water rafting competitions at Savage wilderness camp in an effort to raise funds, this year being the third one running. This year, there were quite a number of participating companies in. Our team though being new to this had high hopes of clinching the number one spot as shown by the enthusiasm of the participants namely;

1. Michael Mutua – team leader

2. Eric Sande – strongman

3. Olivia Hera – Miss Pope

4. Mark Bob Ogola – $80 paddle man

5. Steve Odhiambo – Mr. Majestic

The participants were all set for the competition that early morning until the briefing which made them have second thoughts about it after being shown how to handle different situations i.e. how to handle animals (snakes, crocodiles and hippos), what to do when one falls out of the raft, how to rescue teammates etc. No one from the Copy Cat team dubbed ‘Team Catalyst’ chickened out and all were ready for the challenge.

The course had three sections;

1. Rodeo event ‘hang on to dear life - The team that stayed in the raft for the longest period of time won the section.

2. Slalom event - each team raced down a 1 km section of the river in which they had to pass through 5 downstream gates and 5 up stream gates. The event was both a timed event and there were points gathered as they passed through the gates without hitting them.

3. Down River race – a race covering a 4 km section of river. All the teams started at the same place at the same time and raced each other down the 4km of amazing white water. The team that had the fastest time won the event.

Team Catalyst at first had a challenging time in the water as Steve fell into the water and Mark at some point due to the exhaustion lost his $80 dollar paddle and had to be a ‘passenger’ up to the end of that section. In the next two sections, they had gotten used to the 3 meter drops and the rapids. Their gallant efforts made them become 4th overall and earned them medals as a result. A good result for first-time participants.

STANDINGS – Sunday, 22nd May, 2016

1. KRA Conquerors. - winners


3. Lancet Kenya.

4. Copy Cat Catalysts/Faraja Team one. - tie

5. Faraja Team two.

6. KRA Gladiators.

7. NIC Bank.

The event was a success as Faraja managed to amass over Kshs 3.7 million that will be put into good use in the holistic support of cancer patients. Copy Cat is a proud supporter of Faraja Cancer Support Trust.

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