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Database & Application Security

Database applications are often the epicenter of a company's sensitive data, so security is paramount, but maintaining a balance between security and business use can be tricky. If your organization collects and processes data, you face two major challenges: how to meet data compliance requirements and how to effectively protect from data theft. Our security solutions help you discover your database assets and risks, protect sensitive data, and comply with company governance and mandated regulations.

Key Questions to Determine if Data Security is a Priority

Where specifically, is your private data located?

Who is accessing your data?

How do they access your data?

Should they have access to your data?

What users have access to your data, but do not use it?

Who is responsible if data is lost?

Who is responsible for monitoring that data?

How will you determine what data has been lost in a breach?

Is your process repeatable, scalable, timely and cost-effective?

What level of risk is acceptable?

Determining the best data security measures for your company can be a daunting task. At the end of your research, you will find that protecting the data requires a data-centric audit and protection solution that simplifies and automates the deployment and maintenance processes while providing high-fidelity compliance and security results.

Data Audit and Protection

Our platform forms the foundation for both data security and web application solutions. The solutions are designed to work together, yet can be independently deployed. We protects data in the cloud and on premise, providing out-of-the-box capabilities that reduce the requirement for specialized security and compliance resources and staff. Deployment is fast, enabling even the largest organizations to provide protection of critical data in days or weeks, with in-depth and full coverage across thousands of data stores in a matter of months.

Contact us to get more insights about database and application security and how best it can be deployed to safeguard your data and your organization. +254 20 3970000 / +254 755 397 .

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