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On Friday, 16th September, Copy Cat through our HR team participated in the annual Strathmore University Mini career fair held for School of Informatics and Management Science and Faculty of IT students. The mini career fair was held at the Madaraka campus and was well attended by students who were very much interested in our offering and the role we play in the IT space.

The students visited each and every booth in the career fair in a bid to know what each do and try get a chance to be considered to work at the company they wish. The other companies present at the fair were Safaricom, Oracle, Dalberg, Kenya association of Stockbrokers, SEMA, Scangroup, WPP and Coretec Systems & Solutions. Our booth had a good turnout with the inquisitive students engaging us on how it is like to work for an IT firm, what we do and most imperative to them, how to join and how soon. We also engaged them as well by tabling questions one of them being how our agricultural sector can benefit from the Internet of Things (IOT) and what each of them can do to go about it.

Our team also got the chance to visit Strathmore Energy Research Center (SERC) who have been actively working on an electrification model powered by natural resources for off grid areas. SERC has piloted the project in Malindi where they are engaged in pumping and heating water through solar power. The team on the ground also learned about other innovative ways Strathmore and other companies were doing to alleviate common problems and generate business as well. Talk to Angie Macharia (HR team) for more details.

To conclude, the Strathmore University mini career fair was an event worth attending and that coupled with our Management trainee program is very vital to Copy Cat in terms of talent acquisition and more importantly to students ready to pursue their dream careers


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