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Copy Cats Plant the Future

All organizations evolve over their life span, just like people, and that is certainly the reality of Copy Cat Group. Over 30 years, Copy Cat began as a photocopier business to cater for a small group of people through personal savings by the founders, has now developed into a an IT- thought leader with well-established core values to create local solutions to local needs with a goal of competing in a global economy.

IT in East Africa is growing rapidly at an amazing rate. With this growth, East Africa has abundantly indulged in the thriving growth of technology globally. Digital business transformation is a journey to adopt and deploy digital technologies and business models to improve performance and we are doing research and development led by a team of young minds to drive internal process efficiencies and create new inventions in planting the future Kenya in technology.

As an IT- Thought Leader and a corporate citizen, we engage on programs which benefit the society. On Saturday 24th September, we participated in Greenline’s “Walk in the Park” in support of their conservation efforts of the Nairobi National Park and wildlife. A good number of Copy Cat staff who chose to take part in the 11km walk turned up early geared to take on the kilometers. Other organizations and individuals alike were present for the walk with the likes of APA Insurance, Fairmont Hotels amongst others bringing large numbers.

The walk was straight-forward, arrival, sign off a disclaimer (had me wondering whether I would encounter a lion or hyena along the way) and finally to let the legs do the walking and keep walking to the end. The walk commenced at around twenty past eight and the route was along the National Park’s electric fence which was live by the way, glad nobody came to know this the hard way. The weather was favourable at first until we reached the tree planting point at the 3.5 kilometer mark where we planted acacia trees. It turned out to be very hot two hours later the scorching sun bearing its weight on the people who started of late. However everyone was geared to finish the walk despite the conditions, it was a walk not a run anyway.

At the finishing point, everyone got a chance to know about their height and weight, many ladies requested to do the same away from prying eyes, and have their blood pressure checked. All that was courtesy of AAR healthcare and they were kind enough to give free consultation vouchers to all who visited the booth. Guys had a chance to refresh after the walk and also get certificates of recognition from Greenline Trust at the end of the walk. The walk was a great opportunity for Copy Cat to share a common cause with the Nairobi National Park and wildlife initiatives in conserving nature.

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