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Here 's a DIFFERENT approach to staying ahead of hackers with CISCO TrustSec

Can you think like a hacker?

Another week and another list of companies whose reputation has been devastated by hackers. It’s not unsurprising as hacking techniques get more sophisticated and companies unwittingly increase their exposure driven by mobility, IoT and cloud projects. But another factor (well acknowledged but seldom challenged) is the increasing complexity of managing access rules and policy to the point where companies are beginning to feel its becoming an arms race with the odds stacked against them.

It doesn't have to be that way. OK, it needs a different approach and some new thinking. But the benefits of changing the rules can be quite dramatic as detailed in recent research by Forrester Consulting ‘The Total Economic Impact of Cisco TrustSec’.

So what is Cisco TrustSec? Well, it simplifies the provisioning of network access and consistently enforces policy anywhere in the network. This scalable and agile segmentation technology is embedded in Cisco switches, routers, wireless devices, and other Cisco products.

What makes TrustSec different is that traffic classification is based on endpoint identity, not IP address. It is also not based on IP-based access control lists (ACLs) so policy changes don’t require network redesign. Furthermore, when new threats are identified (for example, through Cisco Stealthwatch), Cisco Identity Services Engine can send updated policy decisions for the network to block attacks or compromised devices providing real-time threat response and limiting the impact of data breaches.

Plus, at the same time as delivering benefits in terms of strengthening network security, TrustSec also delivers benefits in terms of operational cost savings and agility.

The most common customer benefits cited in The Forrester TEI report;

  • Up to 80% reduction in Operational Costs

  • Greater agility due to significant reduction in the time it takes to implement changes

  • Improved regulatory compliance

  • Consistent and effective network segmentation

So you may not be able to think like a hacker, but you can employ smart solutions that can help you to stop them in their tracks. TrustSec doesn’t replace perimeter security, but by deepening your security into the network itself you add a new layer of protection that makes life harder for a hacker.

If you want to know more please contact your account manager or get in touch here.

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