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6 Benefits of Adopting An Electronic Document Management System | Copy Cat Group

An efficient document management system is critical to the success of various business processes. Manual paper processing and workflows are often inefficient, restrictive to collaboration and difficult to keep track.

An EDMS stores information into a common database immediately after capture and organizes your data using tags and keywords, enabling faster access of documents and real-time collaboration between employees (both remote or on-site)

Through integration with an ERP, the software can match transaction data to respective documents such as POs and notify users of any variations. This kind of automation saves your team time and energy that might have otherwise been spent searching for individual transaction documents.

Below are 6 more main benefits of your business can enjoy through adopting an EDMS:

1. Enhanced security

Unprecedented leaks and loss of sensitive documents can be a legal crisis for your organization. With an EDMS, you can restrict access to certain documents and trace any historical versions. This also allows you to meet your compliance mandates since you can track all business transaction data related to specific documents. 2. Move To The Cloud

Storage of paper documents on-premises can be expensive. A cloud-based document management system helps you to easily access documents from anywhere & reduce the need for file cabinets, bins, boxes alongside other related overheads.

3. Real-time Collaboration

Documents captured from disconnected sources can be accessed from multiple locations. Team members working from home, on the road or in the office can easily collaborate on shared projects.

4. Easy document retrieval

Manual paper operations can be time-consuming and inefficient. Research has shown that a typical office worker spends 25% -35% of their day searching for the printed documents and organizations can spend approximately $25,000 on labor to file these documents.

Unnecessary on-site document management costs restrict an organization's budget, limit growth potential and hamper productivity. By using a document management software, you can integrate all your documents directly with your ERP for faster access, approvals and bookings.

5. Increased productivity

Documents are only a keyword away! Colleagues can easily access documents, collaborate, automate process workflows, capture approvals and close bookings faster. This in turn leads to a higher morale within staff and improved client satisfaction due to shorter waiting time.

6. Version control

Any alteration made to documents within the system is tracked. This includes highlights of the changes made, who initiated the changes, time stamps and much more. This ensures you always have access to the updated document versions for your crucial presentations to customers or colleagues.

With the above outlined key benefits of electronic document management system, we are here to help you make the right choice for your business. Begin the process of better document management and contact Copy Cat Group Today for a demo of its document management capabilities.


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