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Copy Cat Partners with HCL Volt MX to bring the leading low code development solution to Africa

Copy Cat Group is excited to announce its strategic partnership with HCL Volt MX, the industry-leading low-code application development platform.

HCL Volt MX is a low-code app development platform that empowers professional developers, enterprise architects, and digital designers to rapidly deliver consumer-grade apps, integrate diverse and complex systems, and add innovative experiences that meet ever-evolving customer expectations.

Volt MX is a proven solution in helping organizations in both the private and government sectors drive modern, digital solutions to improve customer engagement, drive internal efficiencies, and enable rapid innovation and business transformation.

“Our collaboration with Volt MX complements our commitment to offering customers a complete portfolio to drive their digital transformation journey. This solution empowers organizations to take the lead in the market with their innovations, enabling business users to easily create digital interfaces for both customers and employees.

By using Volt MX, our customers gain access to a unified platform for device-agnostic application development in a no-code environment. This platform is further enhanced by a vast collection of pre-built APIs, allowing seamless integration of information from various applications. Embracing Volt MX truly provides a competitive edge for any organization striving to stand out in the digital services landscape, “- commented Nadeem Noordin - Director – IT Business at Copy Cat Group

"At HCL Software, we believe that strategic partnerships play a pivotal role in driving digital transformation success. Our collaboration with Copy Cat Group is a testament to our commitment to empowering organizations with the best-in-class low-code platform. With Copy Cat Group's market expertise and our cutting-edge technology, we are poised to make a significant impact in Africa's digital landscape, enabling businesses to unleash their full potential and stay ahead in the competitive market." - Francois Nasser, VP GTM, HCL Software

Together, Copy Cat Group & HCL Volt MX look forward to helping businesses of all sizes leverage low-code development to unleash their full potential & remain competitive in the market. We believe this partnership will make a significant impact on Africa’s digital landscape.

About Copy Cat Group

For over three decades, Copy Cat Group has powered East Africa’s digital transformation.

Copy Cat continues to bring state of the art technology to the region; leveraging its extensive local knowledge and technical expertise to empower its customers.

Since inception, Copy Cat has provided unique, tailored, IT and office automation business solutions to large, small and mid- sized organizations across East Africa. We partner with the leading global brands to provide solutions that are designed and delivered to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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