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Copy Cat Partners with Microsoft Azure and AWS to Provide Customers with Cloud Services

‘A Dollar saved, is a Dollar earned’

Organizations face the dilemma of retaining existing revenues, while at the same time finding ways to improve profitability. Analyzing internal ecosystems is a great place to start. This introspection provides organizations with the insight to optimize resources, improve processes efficiency and prioritize works.

IT operations presents a great opportunity to optimize resources more efficiently. The typical landscape of any IT department often includes:

  • Physical servers

  • Cabling

  • Service desk management

  • Uptime SLAs/OLAs that must be attended to 24/7

  • Regular data center operational challenges

These aspects involve significant capital expenditure, even though resources such as the data centers are typically utilized at 10-30% capacity.

One of the best ways to optimize resources, improve efficiency and maximize on profitability is to embark on a cloud adoption journey. As a result, cloud computing is now a focal point of IT discussions in many organizations. An effective 360-degree approach for any IT department cannot be complete without considering cloud services.

Below is a Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform services which highlights the major Cloud Providers.


Cloud Providers in the Leaders Quadrant rank high in excellent services and execution within the Cloud domain. The leading cloud providers, as shown below, are Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Additionally, due to their large African presence including data centers in South Africa, they offer a plethora of cloud services for organizations in Africa to leverage.

Copy Cat: Your Trusted Cloud Partner

Copy Cat has partnered with Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure to assist customers on their Cloud Adoption Journey. With a focus on Industry Best Practices, we have a pool of Certified Cloud Architects, Certified Cloud Engineers, and Certified Project Management & Delivery Expertise to ensure a seamless experience to our clients.  

Our Cloud Partners

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