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Data Privacy & Protection - Act, Don't React!

Why Should You Care About Privacy?

By 2023, 65% of the world’s population will be protected by privacy regulations. 80 countries have already implemented some form of data protection act that aims to protect citizens from having their data shared, utilised or retained against their will.

What are the Consequences?

If we examine the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the data privacy act protecting European Citizens, companies have already been fined more than €250m, excluding fines that have not been made public. The repercussions of these data laws for every organisation both big and small, are only beginning to be felt.

What Does This Mean?

First, there is a growing global consensus that customers and “users” of digital platforms should retain sovereignty over their personal information and data after they cease to utilise a particular platform.

Second, the ability to audit access and sharing of data, as well as the ability to permanently delete all traces of this data, fall squarely on the service/application provider.

The main repercussion of these data privacy laws, is that the application provider can be held financially liable for any failure to manage user data in accordance with regulations.

How can Copy Cat Support You?

As a consulting and customer centric organisation, Copy Cat, is bound by our mission to enable our customers to achieve their business objectives.

With a Certified Data Protection Officer on board, and the knowledge plus technical capability to execute, Copy Cat is prepared to support our customers to overcome data privacy challenges by building solutions to safeguard users’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive data.

With our four-step approach; Identify, Assess, Protect and Maintain, Copy Cat performs consultancy services including:

  • Data Discovery.

  • Data Classification.

  • Assessment and Remediation.

  • Protection of critical and sensitive data using data masking.

  • Data encryption.

  • Data leakage protection solutions.

What Does Copy Cat Know About Privacy?

Copy Cat has a mature cybersecurity practice that enjoys resource membership with various Cybersecurity entities like ISACA, Cloud Security Alliance, EC Council, Blockchain Council among others. These partnerships enable us to be informed and educated on the latest cybersecurity threats, trends and solutions.

Copy Cat has acquired knowledge and skills by achieving certification and accreditation on Data Privacy and Data Protection by various security authorities and certification bodies.

For example, we have resources certified on GDPR and hold Data Privacy and Data Protection certifications from ISACA . With knowledge on various GDPR principles and awareness on guidelines of Kenya Data Privacy Law, we are ready to address the privacy challenges for your specific organisation, and to guide you on your roadmap to ensure full compliance.

Having a clear and enforceable privacy policy is an important factor in supporting a trust-based relationship between you and your users. Today more than ever, users want to interact with an organisation that supports their individual rights and preferences; especially when it comes to privacy.

Do you need a comprehensive data protection solution for your business? Send us a message at


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