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Explore Managed Services For Your Organization

What are Managed Services?

This is the practice of transferring day-to-day management of a set of Business and/or IT services to a service provider.

The service provider takes full accountability of the functionality and performance of the service typically bound by an SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Who should care about managed services?

Risk and operations decision makers across Enterprises should closely observe the evolution and integration of managed services within the industry’s operating models. Managed services are strategic, long-term relationships demanding the attention of senior leadership.

As operational integration becomes more complex between Enterprises and their service providers, monitoring application services becomes an important consideration for leaders keen on maintaining industry best practices.

A global outsourcing survey of executives from firms representing 26 sectors found that “respondents [across industries] increasingly see outsourcing as a vital way to drive innovation into the enterprise. It is becoming a means of potentially attaining and maintaining a competitive advantage—and not just a way to cut costs.”

Academic research supports this viewpoint, showing how strategic outsourcing drives value to firms.

As firms’ expectations of providers increase, the scope of outsourcing is widening. Managed services could be the next stage in this evolution. Organizations can proactively limit enterprise risk and strengthen compliance by using well-designed managed services to address deficiencies in internal talent, improve process quality, and adopt technologies to keep up with market trends. Ultimately, such relationships often refocus managers on growth, innovation, and bolstering the competitiveness of their core business.

When should you consider Managed Services?

At Copy Cat, we have a pool of certified resources to help you ease your transition to Managed Services and begin reaping the benefits! With us by your side, you can focus on running your core business and let Copy Cat take care of your IT ecosystem, from end to end.


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