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Introducing The Eagle Series

Made in Italy UV flatbed printers with excellent print efficiency and quality.

The Eagle, unlike normal printers, was created to answer to industrial needs of flexible and high quality prints without reduce the output volumes.


  • high performance UV Led inks that allow to print on almost any material even heat sensitive ones.

  • Material thickness up to 250mm.

  • High quality prints.

  • Three color configuration options.

  • The piezoelectric print head is equipped with Double UV Led lamp

  • Print width 600mm or 1000mm.

  • Print length 2.5 mtrs to 5 mtrs.

  • Vacuum table options.


With the UV Led technology The Eagle printers can print on almost all materials. can produce high quality print on a huge variety of materials and objects.


•Print on wood, plastic, ceramic, paper, metals and many others materials

•Print on rigid and flexible supports.

•Create samples that will be identical to production.

•Print awesome images: the variable dot print head can produce high definition and smooth graduations.

•Use gloss ink to valorize a part of the graphic or to uniform finish your print.

•Print on transparent and colored materials using white ink

•Print color-white-color for two sided images on glass or other transparent materials.

•Print with 3D or braille effects.

•Optional circular object kit to print on cilyndrical objects.


Direct Line: +254 20 3970215
Mobile: +254 736581788

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